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Empowering Athletes, Tailored Solutions for Tomorrow's Champions

Empowering Athletes, Tailored Solutions for Tomorrow's Champions

At Azure One Sports we specialize in delivering a scalable scouting process for athletes considering a pathway to USA collegiate sports. We offer personalized sports management services leveraging our coaching network and market insights. Our comprehensive services span from preparation, placement, onboarding, transfer application and follow-ups. We are here to support each athlete secure scholarships and find a dream college for their career.
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Benefits of Collegiate Sports

  • Gain a comprehensive scholarship covering all expenses 
  • Access state-of-the-art sports facilities
  • Compete in sports at the highest level with top-tier athletes
  • Train in a professional environment
  • Study at a top-tier and globally recognized university
  • Receive academic grants and scholarships
  • Gain internship experiences
  • Forge valuable academic networks
  • Compete in first-class sports venues across the USA
  • Explore diverse cultural landscapes and destinations
  • Cultivate friendships with athletes from all over the world
  • Expand your connections and professional network
  • Masters or post-graduate education
  • Compete in sports professionally
  • Gain hands-on experience through internships and new-graduate employment
  • Connect with Azure One’s global career network

Scholarship Designation

Within the NCAA system, Division 1 colleges stand as the pinnacle, boasting the largest institutions in the collegiate sphere. Attaining Division 1 status necessitates funding a minimum of seven men’s and seven women’s sports teams. Typically, these colleges accommodate a vibrant campus community ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 students.

The NCAA Division 2 stands as the collegiate system’s vibrant middle ground. Achieving Division 2 status entails funding a minimum of five men’s and five women’s sports teams.
These colleges typically host a student body ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 in residence. While Division 2 schools receive slightly less athletic aid compared to their Division 1 counterparts, they foster competitive athletic programs within a diverse and thriving campus environment.

NCAA Division 3 stands as the most intimate tier in the collegiate framework. Accreditation as a Division 3 institution necessitates the funding of a minimum of three men’s and three women’s sports teams.
These colleges typically harbor a student body ranging from 500 to 3,000 individuals residing on campus. Unlike other divisions, Division 3 doesn’t provide athletic scholarships, however, it encompasses world-renowned academic institutions such as MIT, University of Chicago and John Hopkins University.

The NJCAA (The National Junior College Athletic Association) comprises two-year colleges offering sports scholarships, serving as an alternative pathway for students who may not initially qualify for or gain admission to a four-year college due to eligibility criteria. Upon successful completion of their tenure at a junior college, students transfer to a four-year institution to merge credits and finalize the last two years of their education.

The NAIA stands as an independent entity distinct from the NCAA. Its member colleges typically align in size with NCAA Division 3 institutions. NAIA schools extend athletic funding, targeting athletes who might not fulfill NCAA eligibility criteria. Notably, these divisions primarily reflect the college’s framework rather than solely focusing on athletic prowess.

Azure's Process

Our experienced consultants will have a initial call with you to better understand your college goals

After you sign-up, our designated team will facilitate the college recruitment process including connecting you with college coaches

We will guide you through the signing process and the college onboarding

Our designated team will keep in touch with you throughout your college career and also support with the transfer process.

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