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Individual Talent Meets Unique Solutions

Individual Talent Meets Unique Solutions

At Azure One we specialize in delivering a scalable recruitment process with a goal to improve the overall value of organizations across Japan. We offer personalized recruiting and talent management services for clients and candidates by leveraging our network and latest market insights. Build your tailored recruitment process with us today
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Service Overview

Providing a full-cycle recruitment service to clients, our director with extensive experience in talent management at both foreign and established Japanese firms will lead the internal hiring efforts. We offer both retained and continency search to help organizations identify the most suitable candidates in the market.

Our team of HR specialists with background in commercial and RPO firms will support in a range of HR projects. Our RPO service includes new graduate & mid-career hiring (including direct sourcing), HR organization development, and onboarding.

Designing recruitment strategies based on the client’s hiring needs and growth objectives. Our team will align with the company goals to provide the latest market update and active pool of candidates in order to support clients with their internal talent structure and future hiring needs. 

Our experienced consultants will provide career advice for new graduates and mid-career professionals. Mid-career advisory focuses on assessing candidates current skills and coaching to sharpen key areas to improve the prospects of stepping up their career.
We provide tailored programs designed to meet candidates career goals through individual consultation, seminars and meet ups.

Market Challenge

Organizations operating within the Japanese market encounter numerous challenges uncommon in many other countries across the world. Clients contend with the burgeoning scarcity of skilled professionals, an aging demographic, and constrained resources aimed at retaining top-tier talent. Our mission is to assist each client in navigating these economic hurdles and fostering sustainable growth amidst the backdrop of the fifth industrial revolution.

In a competitive hiring market with scarcity of qualified candidates, clients vie for top talent, grappling with potential challenges such as missed recruitment deadlines, candidate rejections prompted by multiple job offers, high up-front agency fees, and a flood of inadequetly screened candidates.
At Azure One, prioritizing our customers and clients means delivering quality that precisely meets the hiring needs.

The constraints of time and quality in the Japanese market contribute to heightened costs for clients, stemming from multifaceted internal procedures and external communication challenges. Azure One’s team is dedicated to delivering our HR services at a competitive rate, ensuring transparency and assurance of quality for clients.

Ensuring usability and flexibility for changes are crucial for teams to adeptly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern hiring practices in Japan. Our seasoned consultants will devise a strategic framework aimed at enhancing hiring protocols and fostering a more robust corporate culture within your organization, facilitating the retention of top-tier talent in the marketplace

Azure's Solution

Our experienced consultants will assist in your most time-consuming and challenging searches.
Azure One`s services strive to improve internal operations by providing Talent Acquisition Management and RPO solutions.

At Azure One, we hire bilingual professionals with HR experience in commercial companies and consulting industries, providing the ability to support a wide range of clients.
From multinational corporations, start-ups to established Japanese conglomerates looking to expand globally, our team will support according to the clients needs.

Reduce costs for hiring. Azure One provides quality service that is more affordable than other recruitment agencies and RPO firms in the market.

We offer a consultative and streamlined recruitment service that can be scalable to meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring flexibility from inception to strategy building. Our dedicated team is committed to efficiently optimizing your HR processes.

Team Member

Azure One’s mission is to provide a scalable recruitment process for our client’s and candidates. We provide quality recruitment and talent management services.
From small-medium sized enterprises to large sized conglomerates, we will utilize our individual talents to provide the best solution available. Let us create together to build a unique recruitment process today.

With a Bachelors degree in Finance and International business from a private university in New York and competing semi-professionally in tennis, Miki transitioned his career to become a professional recruiter at a Fortune 500 and US listed recruitment firm. As a Associate Director covering mid-level managers and executives in the Kanto & Kansai regions, Miki has supported over 100+ finance and accounting professionals in the market. Miki is the founder of Azure One and leading the Talent Management desk to add value to candidates, clients and companies across Japan.


company Profile

company Profile

Company name

Azure One, Inc.


JPY 5,000,000


February 2024


Miki Nobuzawa

Business Content

Recruitment Services
Recruitment Consulting
HR Development

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13 - ユ - 316275

Main office 

Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 1 Chome−15−4 銀座一丁目ビル7階
TEL: 03-6824-2302

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