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Azure One’s mission is to provide a scalable recruitment process for our candidates and client’s. We provide a high-level and scalable talent management services.
From small-medium sized enterprises to large sized conglomerates, we will utilize our individual talents to provide the best solution available. Let us work with you to build a unique recruitment process together.

Azure's Approach

Providing a tailored recruitment service to candidates, our directors that have extensive experience in talent management at both foreign and established Japanese firms will work closely with clients to represent you effectively. Our bespoke approach ensures a efficient and timely process, from resume screening to interview stage we will avoid transactional processes that drown your profile among numerous others. We will support you as your number one career and recruitment advisor.

As dedicated HR specialists with background in commercial and RPO firms, we will support to provide a solution that is unique for your next career. Whether it is for your next permanent search or for part-time and temporary projects, our consultants will prioritize full transparency and clear communication throughout the recruitment process. 

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